Sunday hurricane reading | 28.10.2012


As New York shuts down completely bracing for an ominous storm with the weirdly frivolous name of a John Travolta love interest from the 1970s, there will be plenty of time for reading, cooking, and baking. Provided the kitchen is well stocked and electricity lasts.

As it turns out I haven’t gone shopping in three days but there are at least four pounds of butter in the fridge, and about as much sugar in the pantry. So to start, tonight I will begin making these, hoping the roof stays over our heads long enough to bake them in the morning. The gorgeous buns from this consistently beautiful blog looked very tempting when I first saw them six months ago. They are irresistible today.

But now I wish I had bought pork shoulder rather than steaks the other day because I’m in the mood for slow cooking, flavors melding, dark, and comforting, and the gathering clouds seem to be the perfect backdrop, if there ever was one, for stew.

To be honest I wasn’t craving a recipe for Cheez-its, and I’m still not sure whether I am planning to make these crackers, but they are so incredibly sweet looking, in a delicious not-really-scary-Halloween sort of way. I may brave the storm to buy some cheddar, just in case.

And once all the real baking and wishful cooking is done, I will re-read this essay by Michael Chabon. It’s worth it.

Later I may pick up a book. Stay safe.

4 Responses to “Sunday hurricane reading | 28.10.2012”

  1. baconbiscuit212 Says:

    I hope that you weathered the storm okay and are safe!

    • valerie Says:

      Hi Daisy and thank you for the kind thoughts. I hope you stayed safe, dry, and powered as well. Best, V

  2. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the link to the lovely Chabon piece, which I had missed. And be safe.

    • valerie Says:

      Thanks for your concern, Michelle, we live way uptown and were very lucky not to sustain any damage during the storm. Hope you’re well. V

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