Disassembled fool

The best companion for these almond macaroons is rhubarb compote and a spoonful of cream. In winter, apple sauce. But today I have strawberries, and that’s good too.

It is often the case that I don’t plan for dessert. Then, as the day ambles on and friends start to arrive I begin to panic. Clearly ‘live and learn’ doesn’t apply to my chronic lack of dessert preparedness.

Last week’s almond macaroons have solved my problem. With summer berries or a fruit compote, like a sort of unassembled almond Eton mess, in an instant I have a pretty acceptable ‘I completely forgot about dessert’ dessert. No one need know. (Though I always tell.)

Disassembled fool

Almond macaroons — find the recipe here
Depending on the season: rhubarb compote, strawberries, mixed berries, apple sauce …
Good cream or thick yogurt

One Response to “Disassembled fool”

  1. karen Says:

    The different textures already feel heavenly to my mouth, without even mentioning the tastes. It just sort of jumps out of the picture.

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