Food news | October

Possibly the biggest news among the food besotted this month was the release on Netflix of Samin Nosrat’s four-part series Salt Fat Acid Heat, and it has become something of phenomenon in our house as well. We began watching casually one rainy Sunday, initially just a taste, to bridge a moment until the last family members gathered to see a film. Mesmerized, we were still hooked two and a half episodes later, when we finally did pause to watch the aforementioned film. We’ve since seen all the episodes and now, every time I cook, Balthasar checks that I’ve considered and included each of the four cardinal components for the perfect dish.

Equally momentous, the legendary Tokyo Tsukiji fish market has closed in order to relocate to a new modern, sanitised facility. Historic, legendary for its tuna auctions, the market was known as possibly the biggest and certainly the best marketplace for seafoood in the world, and had in recent years become a popular tourist destination. Its relocation is mourned and decried by many. In a happy coincidental twist, Tsukiji features briefly in Nosrat’s second episode Salt, set in Japan.

To afford the larger picture and keep historic change in perspective, the NY Times also recently published an article about the changes currently affecting Rungis, the world’s biggest food market, which in 1969 famously and controversially replaced the ‘Belly of Paris‘  — Le Halles in central Paris.

And as we approach the season of vanillekipferl, this thought-provoking insight into the socio-economic implications of vanilla production.

For those of us often irritated but perpetually fascinated by the definitiveness of stars, awards, and ratings, this month saw the publication of the Observer Food Monthly Awards as well as the new Michelin Guide for Great Britain and Ireland.

Finally, when there is barely enough time to read — let alone watch tv — but endless hours walking, this is the best food podcast I have encountered. I came to it by way of Diana Henry’s conversation with Olia Hercules, and every other episode I’ve since listened to has been remarkable.


Tsukiji market in Tokyo closes for relocation
Changes at Rungis food market in France
The socio-economic impact of vanilla production
Observer Food Monthly Awards 2018
Michelin Guide GB and Ireland 2019

Prince Street podcast

Salt Fat Acid Heat

2 Responses to “Food news | October”

  1. Tehzeen Vohmann Says:

    Thank you- always looking for a good food podcast!!
    Can you send me
    Your Monday oct 29 chicken dish recipe too!!
    All is well!

    • valerie Says:

      The podcast is fantastic.
      And yes I will have to send you the chicken recipe privately because who knows how long before it makes it on the blog… See you soon!

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