The Nettle & Quince Christmas baking page

It’s the first Sunday of Advent, the time to pause, light a candle, and start baking!

I have created a Nettle & Quince Christmas baking page, where all the Stollen, cookies, and confections can be found.

You can access it by clicking HERE.

A direct link is also always available on the homepage on the right just below ‘Pages.’

2 Responses to “The Nettle & Quince Christmas baking page”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I fear this may be one of those “oh gosh I forgot to bake” Christmas seasons. But if something changes, at least I know where to come!

    • valerie Says:

      I have had many seasons like that and I usually end up panic baking on the 23rd. The almond and raisin cookies are easy as 1-2-3. Happy holidays, Michelle!

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