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Figs with mascarpone

4 September 2010

Fresh figs are quintessentially seasonal. They are an inevitable component of any self-respecting late-summer meal. So, with 2 guests invited for dinner but no clear plan in mind, I bought figs the other day. I also purchased mozarella di bufala in the event that the figs would become an appetizer (fig, mozarella, and basil salad – a perfect River Cafe Cookbook Green recipe), as well as mascarpone, for a classic dessert of roasted figs with mascarpone. In the end I made a different appetizer, opting for cooked figs for dessert. But these figs were so perfectly ripe and delicate, and my oven so serendipitously broken, that I had to recalibrate. The result was really quite good.


Dessert for 4

12 figs

12 tsp mascarpone

Mild-tasting honey



Remove stub from figs and score a cross into the top of the figs so they open like a flower. Place 3 figs each onto individual plates or shallow bowls.

Heat equal amounts honey and sherry (2 or 3 Tbsp each) in a very small saucepan. Let reduce for about 3-4 minutes.

Pour a little hot syrup in and over the figs in each bowl. Place a neat teaspoon of mascarpone inside each fig. Drizzle a few drops of sherry over the dessert. Serve.

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